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Hear the buzz… about Fran Greene: The Flirting, Dating, and Relationship Coach!

“Thank you for spending some time with us this morning and enlightening our audience, you even gave our hosts some great tools to try!  Your unique perspective really helped us highlight the dissolving interpersonal skills of younger generations in a digital age and laid out some great tips for our older audience. Thanks again!”

—Jeff Carlin
Producer – John Kass & Lauren Cohn
WLS 890AM Chicago • www.WLSAM.com

“I want to thank you for helping me with the series on Flirting for the Today Show. As their coach, you did a great job helping our volunteers become more self confident with themselves and their relationship skills. You are a real pro! I hope we can work together again.”

The Today Show
New York, New York

“Rarely have I seen a talented, experienced and knowledgeable instructor. Your workshops are fabulous. You have received rave reviews from your students, who think you are insightful, creative, and helpful. They say your ‘How to Flirt’ program is one of the best they have ever attended. A must if you are single. An absolute winner!”

—Operations Director
The Learning Annex
New York, New York

“Once again you have charmed the Columbia University students. With your warmth and confidence, you give students the courage to risk being themselves with another person. You helped them reframe rejection which is no easy task. They did not want the program to end, which is rare on campus. Fran, you are truly a gem and a goldmine to students who are struggling to connect with others in a meaningful way. We also applaud your comments about culture and for being inclusive concerning gay and lesbian students. Thanks for all your good energy about flirting, dating, and relating.”

—Senior Health Educator
Columbia University
New York, New York

“On behalf of the singles at the JCC, thank you for your fabulous presentation. You are a true crowd pleaser, relating important info on how to meet people in a humorous and entertaining way. Your great ability in getting the participants involved was the success of the evening.”

—Singles Director
JCC Palisades, New Jersey

“Thank you for a fun and informative workshop which paved the way for difficult issues to be raised in an atmosphere of support and learning. It was not only your enthusiasm that was impressive, but also your ability to teach honestly, and to be the perfect role model. This was a gift to our agency.”

—Clinic Administrator
Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island

“Your program ‘How to Flirt’ has been one of our most sought-after programs. You teach people inventive and exciting ways to meet new people.”

—Director of Singles and Couples Programs
Mid Island Y JCC
Plainview, New York

“Your presentation was entirely engaging as well as instructive. I was particularly impressed with the sensitive way you responded to questions and the ease with which you involved the audience.”

Congregation Emanuel
New York, New York

“At long last you had the opportunity to present to our Professional Women’s Group. They really related to your demonstration of ‘Poor Pitiful Petunia’ and vowed not to be that person in their life.”

—Professional Women’s Group Director
Dress for Success
Medford, New York

“’The Art of Flirting: Making Relationships Work’ was by far one of the most interesting and entertaining workshops we have ever sponsored. Thank you again for the delightful presentation and for helping us all take a break from our stressed-filled lives.”

Office of Women’s Services
Brookhaven, New York

“Thanks for an eventful morning in talking about great pick-up lines.”

—Classic Rock, 103 FM
London, Ontario

“The participants raved about your knowledge, compassion, and understanding of the difficulties of being ‘single’ again.” Please come back again!”

—Director of Social Services
Sid Jacobsen Y JCC
East Hills, New York

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and advice on a most sensitive subject. The students loved your frankness, sincerity, and insight about developing self confidence and dealing with rejection.”

—Director Student Health Services
Goucher College
Baltimore, Maryland

“At ‘first blush,’ who would have thought the ‘Queen of Hearts’ and the ‘Flirting Coach’ could address a meeting of life insurance agents! From your first instructions about distance, handshakes, and making the person feel special through your roleplay demonstrations, the audience was entranced with your presentation. You heightened everyone’s awareness of themselves and how they appear to their clients, and for that I thank you!”

—Insurance Manager
Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance Company
Uniondale, New York

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