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What’s Wrong With Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes?

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Living in an Apartment When Your Partner Cheated.

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Never do these Seven Things when Your Relationship Gets Rocky.

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You Just Said “I love You” for the First Time.

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Prevent Bickering!

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Is He or She The “One”?

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Action Oriented Plans for Singles Seeking Love

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Making Your Introvert/Extrovert Relationship Work

Fran dishes on these polar opposites and how they can work together. Read More: Click here.

Why J.Lo and A-Rod Just May Last

Fran weighs in on why this could be the relationship that lasts. Read More: Click here.

10 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is Actually Healthy

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7 tips for being the best wingwoman ever!

Discover the 7 critical steps for being an awesome wingwoman…and a good friend!
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6 Surprising ways to flirt.

We know, this isn’t your first rodeo. But there’s more to flirting than making eye contact and occasionally licking your lips.  Read more: Ways To Flirt – Tips for Flirting With a Guy.

Hear Fran’s interview with WLS Radio.


From CNN: Coaches teach daters to cozy up.

Flirting is a great way to meet people that you would otherwise not approach. Learn more.

What does your drink say about you?

Bet you never knew that the drink you ordered at the bar speaks volumes about who you are. Read more.

The complete online dating guide for women.

Tips ideas and suggestions. A complete guide to the online dating world. Read More.

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