How to Work a Room

Here are some tips on how to work a room (from A-Z!)

Approach the person standing alone

Bring  a stack of business cards


Dress  your best

Eye Contact Works

Friendly is fabulous

Gracious gets you noticed

Host with the most

Introduce Yourself

Just do it

Keep the Conversation Going

Listen twice as much as you talk

Make Small Talk

Never cling to the people you know

Open Mind  lets  others be themselves

Prepare before you arrive

Questions get things going

Relationship Building is what you want to do

Sense of Humor is contagious

Think Analog not Digital

U can make it happen

Value Others

Wingman or Flying  Solo

X it gracefully

You  should say  the person’s name

Zzzzzz  the night before


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How to Make Love Last

Have you ever wondered  what makes some marriages satisfying,  evolving and the ability to endure over the long haul.  Although love is often a mystery, it’s a commitment to growth, happiness and fulfillment of each other.  Love, more than anything else  warms the heart and soul.  In a truly loving relationship  the feeling is always with you.  You must nurture love and work at it  to make it ever lasting.

Here is what you can do  to make your relationship  the best it can be.

Trust : You must trust that  your  spouse  will always be there for  you. You can never ( as much as you would like to) control  your spouse’s thoughts or actions.  The only thing that jealousy and trust accomplishes is destroying trust.

Open Communication: The number one reason that marriages fail is the lack of  communicating with each other.  Couples need to make sure  that they spend  as much time listening as they do talking.  Although we all wish our spouses could be  mind readers, we have to give up that myth. Sorry!   Let your spouse know what you need and want. The more specific the better. Blaming, finger pointing, accusing and all that stuff does nothing except cause your spouse to become  self protective and  defensive.

Accept yourself and your spouse: Some of us believe that marriage will miraculously  cure all of our self doubts, problems, flaws, and imperfections.  In order for a marriage to flourish you have to accept yourself  for who you  are and yes accept your spouse  for  who  they are.  The show “ I love you, you’re perfect now change” is  a great example  of what not to do.

How to Balance Me and We: Love  encourages  personal growth of each other. When your spouse truly values your   hopes and aspirations it will give you the green light to pursue your dreams.  Each partner must feel  that  it is okay  to   pursue personal goals, interests or hobbies.  The more you grow and develop personally the more you can give  of yourself to the marriage. It is a very delicate balance. You  must make sure that  the scale is not tipped in “me time”  at the expense of the marriage.  Spending “quality time apart.”  can actually bring you closer  together.  Remember you might not be ziplining with your partner but you will reap the benefits of a happier  spouse.

Commitment: Partners who are committed to working together  on their relationship have the greatest chance of making love last.  When couples successfully deal with life’s crisis their feelings of  love and security also grows.

Become your Partner’s Cheerleader: One of the biggest complaints that couples have told me is that their partners take them for granted.  When the romance was intense   each partner  showed their appreciation all the time.  Keeping love alive  takes work, tenderness and care.  The next time you are out to dinner with friends talk about how   thoughtful your husband was when you started a new job he  had dinner waiting for you when you got home or when you are out on the soccer field tell all the soccer moms that your wife is the best thing that has ever happened to you!

Respect: Respecting your spouse is critical if you want to ensure that  your love will be everlasting.  Respect more than anything else  tells your spouse that  their feelings and their thoughts are  as important  to you as it is to  them.  Sometimes you  just have to “respect to disagree.”

Affection: Displaying affection is top on my list to make love last. Think of what you did when you were dating. A gentle touch, a longing glance, a kiss for no reason, holding hands when your spouse least expects it.

Say I Love You: Nothing resonates than hearing I love you from your spouse.

Facing  Conflict: Couples who tackle conflict rather than avoid it  help their love endure.

Let’s recap on how to make love last

and now lets talk about the Love Insurance Policy

All you have to do is purchase the “ love insurance policy.”   Love insurance is not expensive it is priceless.  Just do the following and  your love insurance policy will  always be there for you!

The Love Insurance Policy Rules:

1. The more you see your spouse as the most  attractive, fabulous catch on the face of the planet the happier you will be.  There is something to be said that love is blind

2. Don’t discuss  tough topics before dinner, eat first!

3. Treat each other like fine china and not an old shoe

4. Say thank you and please

5. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other  important dates

6. Call if you are going to be late

7. On a snowy day, say be careful driving

8. Give an occasional gift for no reason

9. Flirt with your spouse

10. Put the toilet seat down

11. Help lighten the load of your spouse

12. Laugh together

13. Dream together

14. Do something special together

15. Say I am sorry

16. Keep things interesting

17. Practice teamwork

18. Don’t sweat the small stuff

19. Create alone time

20. Say I love you…

21. Never leave each other without a kiss

22. Have a date night

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Fabulous Dating Ideas

Dating, Why does it have to be so complicated? Isn’t dinner and a movie what every one does?  First Dates can be a little tricky. You want to make  great  first impression and you tend to be a little nervous, right? Anything important needs some prep time; a  holiday meal, job hunting, or  making a large purchase.

Make sure that you engage in “date prep” before your next date.  Think about what would be fun, encourage conversation or be romantic. You don’t have to obsess about the perfect date but having a “date plan” will absolutely make your date  the best it can be.

Contrary to what you might think, money is not the best barometer of the perfect date.  Actually, the cheapest date can turn out to be the best date. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating being a cheapskate. That is a major turnoff!

The dates that have the best outcomes are the ones that  make you want to talk, bring you closer together and also show that you  have taken the time to plan something special.

I know you say, I can never think of  unique date ideas.  Not to worry, I have done the  homework for you.  Now all you have to do is grab a pen jot these ideas down and  tweak them so they will be the perfect date for you.

Fun Activities

Garage Sales ( Great treasures to be found)
Have Your Palms Read  ( predicting the future)
Zoo  ( so much to ooh and ah at)
Amusement Park (lots of Laughs)
Drive in Movie  ( Try to find one)
Scary Movie (cuddle up)
Local Theatre  ( often very  good productions)

Check out the newspaper for interesting events

Sporting Event ( lots of cheering)
Hot Air Balloon  ( Wow Date)
Rent a Fancy Car  ( Fantasy Date)
Go Clothes Shopping for Each Other ( lot to Learn)
Classic Car Show (Something nostalgic)
Horse Drawn Carriage (so romantic)
Go to a Street Fair
Casino (  have a budget even $25,  could be exciting)
Madame Tussauds or any other  wow museum (great for photo opps)
Brunch at a fancy place  and a matinee (much cheaper)
Take a CPR class together ( have some pretend practice after class)

Physical Stuff

Exercise Together
Bike Built for 2
Mini Golf
Something Adventerous: Sky Diving, white water rafting, kayaking, rock climbing
Go Ice Skating ( he can pick you up if you fall)

Foodie Stuff

Dinner Cruise  ( Boats and water so romantic)
Pizza Cut into a Heart that says something romantic (How clever)
Winery Tour, Chocolate Factory  (fun and yummy)
Have a Candle Lit Dinner at Home
Dine at the Top of the Tallest Building
Have a progressive dining out experience
Appetizers at one, main at another, desert at another
Cook a fabulous Dinner at Home Together
Unique Restaurants:  Tasting Menus, Fondue. Unusual Cuisine, Buffets

My Favorites

Redo your First Date
Mystery Date
Couples Massage
Be a sight seer in your own town
First Date Fantasy: Pick a place, Dress to impress and meet him there as if  you were meeting for the first time
Brunch and a Matinee
Early dinner for  New Years and then home
Pick a  great restaurant about an hour’s drive away.  It will feel loke a mini vacation
Plan a day trip


Watch a Sunrise
Kissing Challenge
Walk on the Beach
Volunteer Together
Build a  Snowman
Help an elderly person
Babysit for your friends

What are your favorite dates? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Until next time  I am  Fran Greene your Flirting Dating and Relationship Coach.

Happy Hunting

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What is flirting, anyhow? and 10 flirting tips

I bet if I asked you “what is flirting?” you would give me a roll of the eye and a quick answer, but do you REALLY know what flirting is?

Your Ultimate Photo Guide to Reading Body Language

The Flirting Bible

What is Flirting?

- Flirting is  a wonderful icebreaker and tension reducer.

- Flirting is testing the romantic waters.  It’s the best way to make a connection with someone.

- Flirting is a great way to let someone know that you find them interesting, attractive, fun or appealing to you.

Here are  my top ten flirting tips guaranteed to make you a  fabulous flirt.  Are you ready??

  1. 10. Flirting is an Attitude: A great flirt is self confident and not afraid to take a risk.  Be enthusiastic and positive, it works!
  2. 9. Start a Conversation: The best opening line is saying hello!  Talk

about the surroundings, ask a  question, ask for help, or state an opinion.

  1. Have Fun: Be playful, light hearted and spontaneous.  Let your sense of humor shine through.

7. Use Props: Never leave home without a prop.  Props are natural conversation starters.  They encourage conversation and others will be compelled to start talking to you. Amazing  props include dogs, kids, unusual jewelry, a fabulous scent,  a  sweatshirt  with your favorite passion,  an eye catching tie, or an interesting book or magazine.

6. Be the Host: Change your behavior from the role of guest to host.  You are not the  passive person in waiting, but rather the welcoming committee.

5. Make the First Move: Move closer, pay a compliment, make eye contact, or say hi to the person you want to meet.

4. Listen: You have  two ears and one mouth because you should listen twice as much as you talk.  Practice active listening.  Your flirting partner will be drawn to you.  Everyone loves to be listened to!

3. Eye Contact: Make eye contact, but please look your  flirting interest in the eye gently, no more than 2-4 seconds,  look away.  Don’t stare – it’s a turn off.

2. Compliment: Compliment your flirting partner.  The best compliments have the element of surprise.  The “flirtee” will know that you really noticed them.  Your compliments must be honest, sincere, and genuine.  When you receive a compliment the best response is merely thank you.

1. Smile: It is contagious!  It will make you so much more approachable.  A smile lights up  your face and it will draw people towards you.  You will be a people magnet!  Try it.

Until next time I am Fran Greene author of The Flirting Bible and your very own Flirting, Dating and Relationship Coach.

Go to the Flirting Bible Facebook page and  tell me what you liked about today’s tip?

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My new blog

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you’ll come back often for all sorts of flirting tips, tricks, and advice.


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Flirting BibleNow available in bookstores!

The Flirting Bible

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