Personal Consultations

Do you need help with:

  • Dating?
  • Relationships?
  • Jump-starting Your Love Life?
  • Family Issues?
  • Work-Related Problems?
  • Communication?

Personal consultations are available with Fran Greene via telephone and in-person consultations. All consultations are by appointment. Evening and weekend hours are also available.


30 minutes: $65

45 minutes: $80

60 minutes: $100


“I have made more progress with Fran in three months than I have with other professionals in a year. I attribute this not just to my determination, but to Fran’s unwavering support. She wastes no time in getting down to the core issues. Her keen insight and practical advice were key to my success. What I like most about my sessions with Fran is that they are action-oriented. I don’t feel as though I’m just sitting there talking and complaining to someone, but rather doing something about my problem. Fran gives me the tools to change areas in my life that I am not happy with. I no longer feel like a victim, but empowered to live an authentic life with grace and love. Fran Greene is one of a kind and I am so grateful to have her in my life”

—Lynn, New York, New York

“My husband and I have benefited from Fran’s gentle suggestions in many ways and have experienced immediate results from our sessions with her. The role playing and homework have moved our relationship forward by leaps and bounds. Fran’s awareness and intuition are always on target. Our relationship, our four children, and our home have been more peaceful and filled with love since we have been working with Fran.”

—M and A, Long Island, New York

“Since Fran has been working with my mother and me, our relationship has grown tremendously. It was very clear how much Fran really cares about the outcome of our conflicts. Her compassion is so genuine. Fran is not only a uniquely talented professional, but her passion for what she does comes shining through. Fran is a rare find, a true gem!”

—MM, Centerport, New York

“Fran Greene is the best! She immediately puts you at ease with her witty personality. Fran offers wonderful advice and offers such helpful usable suggestions when it comes to relationship and communication issues both big and small. I always look forward to a session with Fran.”

—Sue, Long Island, New York

“From the moment my husband and I met Fran Greene, we felt a positive connection. Fran has a way of making you feel very comfortable to talk about anything. She also has a way about her that gets you to open up and share your feelings.We cover so much in an hour and her homework assignments are so helpful.”

—Long Island Couple

“Fran has given me the courage to get out there and meet people. She has given me suggestions about my appearance, my body language, and how to get over the dating jitters.Her empathy, honesty, and concern has meant the world to me. She is the absolute best dating coach. I can’t imagine what it would be like without Fran!”

—Charlie, Elmont, New York

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