Flirting Tips

Fran Greene’s Top Ten Flirting Tips of All Time

Tip #10: Flirt with the Right Attitude
A great flirt is self confident, and not afraid to take risks. Be enthusiastic and positive.

Tip #9: Start a Conversation
The best opening line is “Hello.” Talk about the surroundings, ask a question, ask for help, or state an opinion.

Tip #8: Have Fun
Be playful, lighthearted, and spontaneous. Let your sense of humor shine through.

Tip#7: Use Props
Never ever leave home without a prop! Props are natural conversation starters. Props encourage conversation and compel others to start talking to you. Amazing props include pets, unusual jewelry, a fabulous scent, a school sweatshirt, an eyecatching tie, or an interesting book or magazine.

Tip #6: Be the Host
Change your behavior from the role of guest to being the host, no matter what the situation. Don’t be the passive person in waiting, but rather the welcoming committee!

Tip #5: Make the First Move
Move closer, pay a compliment, make eye contact, or simply say hi to the person you want to meet.

Tip #4: Listen
You have two ears and only one mouth because you should listen twice as much as you talk. Practice active listening. Your flirting partner will be drawn to you. Everyone loves to be listened to. Don’t you?

Tip #3: Make Eye Contact
Make direct eye contact, but make sure that you look your flirting partner in the eye gently for no more than two to four seconds and then glance away. Don’t stare—it’s a big turn-off.

Tip #2: Compliment
Compliment your flirting interest with something sincere, honest, and genuine. The best compliments have the element of surprise. It lets him or her know that you have really noticed something unique about them.

Tip #1: Smile
Smiling is contagious.  It will increase your approachability. A smile lights up your face and it will draw others to you. You will become a people magnet!

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